These events are run by FIBB with proceeds split between the FIBB general budget for operating expenses and student account credits. Student account credits may be applied toward band camp, rewards or other band trips and student paid band expenses such as uniform cleaning fees. 

Fundraiser Descriptions & Student Account Credits*

Football Ads/Programs

April through July - Bandmembers and parents sell advertisements in the VBHS Football Program. Booster volunteers sell programs at football games. 
Students receive a percentage of the total dollar amount for ads sold.

Apple Sales

October/November - Band members and parents sell and deliver 10 pound bags of apples. Money is collected with orders and band members are responsible for picking up and delivering apples when they arrive. 
Students receive a specific dollar amount for each bag sold.

Gift Wrap

Day after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve - Band members, parents and other boosters (such as grandparents) run a gift wrap booth inside the Indian River Mall. The booth is open mall hours during this time period. We need many parents to help with this fundraiser since the students are unable to work during the school day. 
Students receive an hourly amount for each hour worked.   

Golf Tournament

March or April - Tentatively scheduled for the first Saturday in May.  Band members and parents sell tee and tournament sponsorships and sign up golfers as well as gathering prizes for a raffle. 
Students receive credit for each golfer and sponsor they sign up.   

Christmas Trees/Wreaths

November- December-- Band members, parents, family & alumni sell Christmas trees, wreaths & make wreaths with the Exchange Club. Two tents are set up usually the weekend before Thanksgiving & broke down the weekend before Christmas. All band students, family members etc. work the tent with the Exchange Club members from the day after Thanksgiving to mid December. Prizes are given to the top band students that pre-sell the most trees & wreaths; as well as the most hours working the tent selling trees & wreaths. 
Under Student account Credits: Students earn credit for working required hours in the tent selling trees & wreaths. This is based on the amount of money donated to the band from the Exchange Club. Varies each year!

*Students must meet their Fair Share requirement for a fundraiser in order to get credit in their account. Students who do not meet the Fair Share do not receive credit. Actual credit amounts for each fundraiser are established by the FIBB Board of Directors.

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